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Safeguard your profit margins from unexpected tax on your international sales with Tax Canary's easy-to-use tool.  

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the new way to get international tax insights

How it works

Choose your country

Choose the home country of your business and the customer country.


Answer dynamic queries

Dynamic questioning means you only provide the information you need to.


Generate tailored tax insights

Easy to understand, actionable tax insights, based on your answers.  The traffic light system indicates the tax risk level, so you can make tax smart decisions.


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Bring international tax to your fingertips

Your subscription gives you access to the Tax Canary web platform as well as the App, available on the App Store and Google Play

What Tax Canary offers you

Immediate results

Tax insights on your overseas sales, on demand. 


The Tax Canary tool is available via a web platform, as well as mobile, so you can use it on the go.


You'll see the tax risk on your transaction, so you can make tax smart decisions when setting your sales prices.

Risk mitigation

Traffic light system shows you the tax risk level, so you can take appropriate action.

The Tax Canary story

Passionate about tax, but more importantly, about making tax information accessible.